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Posted on: January 15, 2008 1:54 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2008 1:54 pm

10 reasons to attend an arena football game

Arena Football                                                                                                                                       NFL

-Arena Bowl XXI score: 55-33                                                                                      -Super Bowl XLI score: 29-17

*There's more scoring in an arena football game than in a Pistons-Spurs basketball game.

-Excessive shots of Bon Jovi at Philadelphia games                        -Excessive shots of Andy Reid at Philadelphia games

*Ladies, need I say more.

-Average Arena Football ticket: About $22                                                       -Average NFL ticket: About $54

*Saves you money for beer, hotdogs and parking.

-You get to keep any balls that end up in the stands                                     -You have to return balls that end up in the stands

*That's right, free souvenirs. Not to mention arena footballs are much cooler looking.

-Owners/Part owners: Bon Jovi, Deion Sanders, John Elway,                   -Owners: Jerry Jones, Bud Adams, Tom Benson
Tim McGraw, Ron Jaworski, Mike Ditka

*Who are Bud Adams and Tom Benson? Exactly!

-Distance from stands to sideline: In your face!                                          -Distance from stands to sideline: About 32 feet

*It's like hockey without the glass in the way

-Cheerleaders                                                                                                      -Cheerleaders

*OK, so both sides win with this one.

-Los Angeles Avengers                                                   -Las Angeles...Oh wait, the NFL doesn't have a teams in that market

*It's L.A. for crying out loud

-Post game activities: Meet and greet with the fans                            -Post game activities: Interviews with the media

*Kids won't be turned down when asking for autographs or photos of their favorite players

-The New York Dragons have a fire-breathing dragon on their helmet          -The Cleveland Browns have an orange helmet

* I never understood why the Cleveland Browns have an orange helmet

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