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Posted on: April 8, 2009 12:59 pm

Posing as Parcells

Apparently the important people in charge of organizing this inaugural NFL Mock Draft suffered a massive trauma to the head on the day I applied to represent the Dolphins since I was actually accepted. Let's take a look at why they thought I was qualified...

I have been working for CBSSports for over three years now and I have been a Miami Dolphins fan since I was old enough to remember anything at all. I believe my first coherent phrase as a child was "Touchdown Dolphins!" Miami Dolphins Football was more of a religion in my household and missing a Dolphins game was grounds for excommunication, which is why I have never missed one. I can remember crying myself to sleep the year Pete Stoyanovich missed a game winning field goal against the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs along with my mother consistently lecturing me on how I can't allow a loss to affect my entire week. I have since become a little more capable of handling wins and losses with a steadier outlook on the season and franchise, but the passion still remains the same as my knowledge about the game continues to grow. 

The NFL Draft has become an unheralded event and rightfully so as teams have created NFL powerhouses from the perfect college talent like the Patriots, while others have created quite the opposite like the Lions. I graduated from the University of Florida where I became a die hard Florida Gator fan, but more importantly for the sake of this draft, highly knowledgeable of college talent. Over the years I have learned the type of skillset and disposition it takes for a student athlete to make a successful transition from college to the pros. Now we all know that this isn't an exact science, but there are obvious trends and strategies that lead to a successful draft.

I have never considered the Dolphins to be a franchise that excels when it comes to the draft. Don Shula is arguably one of the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL, but I never thought he produced any exceptional drafts. Jimmie Johnson was considered a draft expert and he proved to be so finding the likes of Jason Taylor and Zack Thomas, but I feel he was pressured to add offensive weapons for Dan Marino, which also led him to make some terrible picks like Jon Avery when Randy Moss was still on the board. Dave Wanstedt was below average when it came to the draft and I am being nice about that and I am not even going to bring up the one year Cam Cameron was here. Unfortunately, I felt Nick Saban did a great job in his first draft by selecting Ronnie Brown, Channing Crowder and Matt Roth, but we don't speak of this man, so lets pretend I didn't write this sentence.

Obviously, Bill Parcells knows what he is doing and I don't really see myself questioning any decisions he makes, especially after the miracle he produced last year, but I welcome the challenge of representing the Miami Dolphins and all the die hard fans that would give anything to be in that War Room with an input come draft day. On the day of the draft and before the luxury of the internet, I can remember sitting in front of the television for the whole weekend and recording every single draft pick for every round of the draft. Interestingly enough, last year's selection of Jake Long with the first pick is the only pick I can remember agreeing with the front office of the Miami Dolphins about (with the exception of the unspoken coaches picks). I am honored to have an oppourtinity like this and I will undoubtedly take it seriously...and who knows, maybe Parcells will take notice of the pick that comes from the knowledgeable minds of Miami Dolphins Nation.

Also, after studying the draft history of the Miami Dolphins, I decided to point out three of the franchises best drafts with the picks that stand out.

1983 (Head Coach Don Shula) - Mark Clayton and Dan Marino in the same draft...That changes the franchise right there!

Round 1 Dan Marino
Round 2 Mike Charles
Round 6 Reggie Roby
Round 8 Mark Clayton

1990 (Head Coach Don Shula) - I didn't realize that Richmond Webb and Keith Sims were drafted the same year.

Round 1 Richmond Webb
Round 2 Keith Sims
Round 4 Scott Mitchell

2005 (Head Coach Nick Saban) - Despite Mr. Saban being a lier, he did leave us with some talent after this draft.

Round 1 Ronnie Brown
Round 2 Matt Roth
Round 3 Channing Crowder
Round 4 Travis Daniels

Other outstanding selections : Randy McMichael (Fourth Round 2002), Chris Chambers (Second Round 2001), Patrick Surtain (Second Round 1998), Sam Madison (Second Round 1997), Jason Taylor (Third Round 1997), Zach Thomas (Fifth Round 1996), Tim Bowens (First Round 1994), John Offerdahl (Second Round 1986), Mark Duper (Second Round 1982), David Woodley (Eighth Round 1980), Nat Moore (Third Round 1974) Kim Bokamper (First Round 1976), Don Strock (Fifth Round 1976), Joe Theisman (Fourth Round 1974 I HAD NO IDEA!!!! ), Larry Csonka (First Round 1968), Bob Griese (First Round 1976)





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